At Kuba, we believe ticketing should be safe, simple and secure. That’s why we deliver Ticketing-as-a-Service (TaaS).

For too long, ticketing systems have been complex, inefficient and expensive. Transport operators have spent years and millions installing, upgrading and maintaining ineffective systems that passengers didn’t understand. Well, no longer.

Kuba’s lean, efficient and scalable platform provides a modern solution to a traditional problem. Our range of plug-in-and-play systems are deployed in a matter of weeks and seamlessly grow with operators’ changing needs.

With clients across the world and offices in London, Johannesburg, Rome and Besançon, we are a truly global company with a truly global vision: to banish the burden of ticketing.

Passionate about public transport

We believe in public transport. From cutting emissions and boosting the local economy to removing barriers to education, employment and services, efficient public transport is key to delivering long-term change.

Track record of success

We know ticketing. Our ticketing solutions have been successfully implemented in over 100 cities and regions worldwide, dealing with millions of daily transactions.