Clever lives here

Kuba uses Clever to empower change, improve lives and create opportunities.

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Our story

Modern transport systems need modern ticketing solutions.

Initially operators tried implementing bespoke systems, which were expensive to create, slow to deploy and hard to update. Newer Ticketing-as-a-Service (TaaS) solutions offered cheaper and superior tech features, but ignored customer experience.

At Kuba, we know that technology alone doesn’t create a great transit system. That’s why we combine 30+ years of transit experience with cutting-edge ticketing technology to deliver Clever-as-a-Service.

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Woman smiling on her phone in front a passing train.

Our mission

We believe in public transport.

From cutting emissions and boosting the local economy to removing societal barriers and opening new opportunities, efficient public transport is key to delivering positive sustainable change.

Whether used to connect home and healthcare, education and employment, families and friends, our ticketing service aims to improve lives around the world.

Our impact

We are proud of our ever-growing global network of customers who trust and rely on us. Our solution:

Lowers overheads

Minimises ticketing machine, ticketing agent and kiosk costs.

Improves efficiency

Frees up resources and streamlines operations.

Speeds up boarding

Cuts passenger dwell times when boarding and transferring.

Increases ridership

Boosts satisfaction and grows passenger numbers with seamless journeys.

Our pillars

At Kuba, we’ve defined six pillars that underpin everything we do.

Customer obsession

Customers are everything.

We relish the opportunity to deliver a transformative product and impeccable service that repays our customers' trust.

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Personal accountability

The job isn’t done until the job is done.

We take responsibility for our actions and always deliver on our promises.

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Raising the bar

Aim for great rather than good.

We don’t obsess over perfection, but we refuse to accept mediocrity.

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Businesses should strengthen local communities.

We upskill all those who work for us and offer opportunities to those who need them most.

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First principles

Start with the problem, not the solution.

We always seek the best solution to achieve an outcome and celebrate a fresh approach even when it fails.

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Production over perfection

Innovation is born from experimentation.

We move quickly, we try new things and when it doesn’t work, we try again until it does.

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