Kuba has defined six principles that are integral to everything we do.

Customer obsession

Customers are everything. They are the cornerstone of success and the trust they place in us is hard-won but easily lost. At Kuba, we don’t consider projects as lists of requirements, but rather opportunities to deliver a product and service that delights our clients. With great customers who trust and rely on us, we have the foundations of a booming business.

Personal accountability

We do what we say we’re going to do; our job isn’t done until the job is done; if we pass a piece of litter on the floor, we pick it up. With a team of dedicated, accountable individuals, nothing can stand in our way.

Raising the bar

Ok is not ok. Wherever possible we strive for great rather than good. We don’t obsess over perfection, but we refuse to accept mediocrity. If you can’t stand back and admire the report you’ve drafted, the code you’ve written or the work you’ve completed then the job isn’t done yet.


Through our business operations, we improve the global environment and strengthen local communities. We upskill those who work for us and we offer opportunities to those who need them most. Discrimination, in any form, plays no part in our business. A diverse, talented group of individuals, who cherish their colleagues and their environment, will make long-lasting positive impacts.

First principles

When a problem needs solving, we start with the problem, not the solution. Just because “it was always done this way” is not a reason to do it that way again. We always seek the best solution to achieve an outcome even when it’s contrary to tradition or prevailing opinion. We celebrate a fresh approach even [especially] when it fails.

Production over perfection

We move quickly, we try new things and when it doesn’t work, we move on. When it matters, we are precise and perfect, when we experiment, we favour speed and endeavour over deliberation and hesitation. If this leads to failure, we celebrate the opportunity to learn and move forward.