Transport ticketing for the 21st century
Rapid deployment and scalable solution
Simple and secure payments
Clean and contactless journeys

Transport Ticketing for the 21st Century

A modern, efficient and scalable ticketing solution, Kuba is the present and future of transport ticketing.

Our dynamic approach provides transport operators with a lean, flexible and easily deployable ticketing service that can be tweaked to any transport system.

Goodbye, expensive and complex ticketing. Hello, Ticketing-as-a-Service.

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Rapid deployment and scalable solution

Traditionally, transport ticketing systems take years to deploy, but our range of plug-in-and-play, cloud-based solutions can be implemented in weeks and evolve according to your needs

Keep payments simple

Complex payment systems are confusing and inefficient. With Kuba’s resilient platform, passengers simply tap and ride no matter the journey or mode of transport.

Clean and contactless journeys

In the post-Covid world, safety on public transport is paramount. Kuba’s simple, contactless, integrated ticketing removes barriers to access, restores customer confidence, cuts journey times and ensures passengers always pay the cheapest fare.

The Best Passenger

We know mobility

Kuba’s platform is designed by industry titans and delivered by specialists.

Kuba is the latest member of the ICM Mobility Group, which has been revolutionising ticketing systems for over 30 years. Our ticketing solutions have been implemented in over 100 cities and regions across the world.