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La Banque Postale and Kuba France join forces

Date: November 23rd 2023 | Author: Melanie Haynes

Press release, Paris, November 23, 2023: 

At the Mayors and Local Authorities Exhibition, on November 21, La Banque Postale, through its subsidiary eZyness, and Kuba France strengthened their commitment to sustainable mobility with a new commercial partnership agreement. 

This signing consolidates a longstanding collaboration on major mobility projects in the city of Cannes, Grand Besançon Métropole, and the Nouvelle Aquitaine Region. 

Leveraging their complementary strengths, technical and financial expertise, and an agile approach, La Banque Postale and Kuba France collaborate to support local authorities in their deployment of mobility solutions and their transition to reducing carbon emissions.

Kuba, a specialist in state-of-the-art integrated ticketing solutions for public transport, provides through its Kubapay platform (Software as a Service) numerous services,  including interoperability, open payment, Account-Based Ticketing (ABT), and digital payment services. It enables a streamlined and effortless passenger experience, using a variety of ‘travel tokens’, including smartphones, bank cards, and physical tickets.

photo of the agreement being signed between Serge Bayard, Deputy Director of Investment Banking at La Banque Postale (right) and Tarik Dinane, General Manager of Kuba (left)

Agreement being signed between Serge Bayard, Deputy Director of Investment Banking at La Banque Postale (right) and Tarik Dinane, General Manager of Kuba (left)

La Banque Postale, the leading banking lender to local authorities and a major player in payments, has developed expertise in open payment as a merchant acquirer. It was the first French bank to implement the Carte Bancaire consortium’s open payment solution in 2019. 

Through its subsidiary eZyness, La Banque Postale acquires and aggregates all transaction flows generated by passenger payments (including single tickets and subscriptions), regardless of the channel used (pre-pay at physical machines, counters, or through online reservation platforms; or pay-as-you-go with open payment). eZyness redistributes the flows from various mobility services offered on the platform, and adjusts fares to take into account any applicable fare caps that may benefit the passenger.

“As a key partner for local authorities and an expert in monetary flows, La Banque Postale is now developing its range of collection solutions in the field of mobility. As a committed participant in this space, La Banque Postale, with its territorial roots, has the capability to support territories in their ecological transition, promoting the use of public transport with simple, fluid, and integrated payment solutions. To do this, I am delighted about this partnership with Kuba, one of the major players in ticketing in France,” said Serge Bayard, Deputy Director of Investment Banking at La Banque Postale. 

“We are pleased to officially announce this partnership with La Banque Postale. By integrating the solutions offered by La Banque Postale, we provide concrete answers to the payment and revenue distribution issues faced by our clients. This partnership strengthens our position in the market and further enhances our ability to meet the ever-evolving needs of our clients,” stated Tarik Dinane, General Manager of Kuba France.

About Kuba

Kuba specialises in the development of integrated ticketing solutions for public transport to simplify payment and validation of transport tickets for travellers. Established for over 30 years in Besançon, Kuba was born on July 1, 2020, following the change of the commercial name of the Vix Technology France unit. As a member of the ICM Mobility group, Kuba has evolved and grown over the years through numerous partnerships. The technical development hub in Besançon currently has 140 employees, along with an entity in South Africa with 80 employees. Kuba also has offices in the UK, Italy, and the United States. In France, the Kuba solution is deployed in 90 transport networks. It includes, among other things, ticketing, real-time supervision, and open payment modules.

About La Banque Postale

La Banque Postale, along with its subsidiaries including CNP Assurances, forms a large international banking and insurance group, ranking 11th in the eurozone by the size of its balance sheet. Its diversified business model enables it to support 20 million clients in France, including individuals, businesses, and local public sector actors, with a comprehensive range accessible to all. As a subsidiary of La Poste Group, La Banque Postale is a local bank, present throughout the territory with 17,000 points of contact, including 7,000 post offices. With its strategic plan “La Banque Postale 2030,” it aims to become the favourite bank of the French, offering an integrated and omnichannel range of bancassurance services centred around its three brands: La Banque Postale, its daily bank, Ma French Bank, its 100% mobile bank, and Louvre Banque Privée, its wealth management bank. La Banque Postale accelerates its diversification strategy and develops its expertise in asset management, insurance, consumer credit, and investment banking. As an environmentally conscious entity, La Banque Postale works for a just transition by incorporating environmental and social impact objectives into its governance. A mission-driven company since March 2022 and a leader in impact finance, La Banque Postale aims to achieve net-zero emissions by 2040. It ranks high in non-financial rating agencies.


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