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Passenger on railway platform looking at phone

June 4th 2024

Why is open-loop fare collection better for tourists?

Open-loop payment systems and mobility apps are ideally placed to enhance tourists' experience.

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Buses at a station in Dakar's new bus rapid transit system

May 29th 2024

Dakar trusts Kuba for ticketing on Africa’s first 100% electric BRT system

Dakar Mobilité chose Kuba to provide a ticketing system for its brand new bus rapid transit (BRT) system. The all-electric service is a showcase of sustainable mobility in Senegal’s capital.

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tram on a leafy street

May 23rd 2024

Gen Z focuses on walkable neighbourhoods and public transportation

Many Gen Zers and millennials have different expectations of how elements of public transit work, such as ticketing and planning their journeys. That's where we come in.

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A vehicle in the AggloBus network, on which passengers can use the new transit ticketing system supplied by Kuba

May 16th 2024

Guéret steps into the future of transit ticketing

Guéret celebrates the installation of a new Kuba ticketing system, the first phase of a roll-out in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of France.

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TipTap advertising on a bus wrap in Tuscany.

May 7th 2024

Tuscany embraces open-loop fare payments 

The largest open-loop roll-out on a European transit network shows strong passenger adoption one month after launch. Find out about Tuscany's TipTap experience.

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DART train decorated for Christmas

April 15th 2024

How Kuba’s MaaS apps support large-scale events

Kuba's Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) apps offer transit agencies many ways to support large-scale events

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Person paying on transport

April 10th 2024

What do US transit agencies think about open-loop fare collection?

Californian transit agencies are generally positive about open-loop fare collection. However, some see challenges to deployment. We take a look at how they can get started - and the benefits they can tap into.

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tram running through green tracks

March 27th 2024

Kuba’s Award-Winning MaaS Solution Supports Greenpeace’s Vision for Sustainable Mobility

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Group of men sitting at high tables eating lunch in an office

March 26th 2024

Danish Work Lunch Culture: The Importance of Taking a Break from Your Desk

Danish work lunch culture is a fascinating topic.  What does that look like in our Copenhagen office?

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Tram on tramway in Orleans, France

March 21st 2024

Open payments activated on public transport in Orléans

Open payments have been launched by Orléans Métropole on its buses and trams to offer a simple ticketing experience to passengers.

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