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DART train decorated for Christmas

April 15th 2024

How Kuba’s MaaS apps support large-scale events

Kuba's Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) apps offer transit agencies many ways to support large-scale events

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Person paying on transport

April 10th 2024

What do US transit agencies think about open-loop fare collection?

Californian transit agencies are generally positive about open-loop fare collection. However, some see challenges to deployment. We take a look at how they can get started - and the benefits they can tap into.

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tram running through green tracks

March 27th 2024

Kuba’s Award-Winning MaaS Solution Supports Greenpeace’s Vision for Sustainable Mobility

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Group of men sitting at high tables eating lunch in an office

March 26th 2024

Danish Work Lunch Culture: The Importance of Taking a Break from Your Desk

Danish work lunch culture is a fascinating topic.  What does that look like in our Copenhagen office?

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Tram on tramway in Orleans, France

March 21st 2024

Open payments activated on public transport in Orléans

Open payments have been launched by Orléans Métropole on its buses and trams to offer a simple ticketing experience to passengers.

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Man and girl sitting on a bench waiting for a bus

March 14th 2024

GoPass® Enhances Safety and Security on Public Transit

GoPass®, powered by Kuba’s mobility platform, was the first of its kind to integrate ELERTS See Say® SDK (Software Development Kit) into the home screen of a mobility app. 

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March 12th 2024

Data-led mobility: are we at a defining moment?

Data was a standout theme at Transport Ticketing Global. Experts spoke about how to collect, secure and use mobility data in a valuable way.

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Monterey-Salinas Transit electric bus

February 27th 2024

Connecting communities and creating opportunities in Monterey

Monterey-Salinas Transit's new open-loop fare collection system is aligned to its mission to improve fare equity and inclusiveness.

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February 21st 2024

The Unique Professional Concept of Piccoline in Denmark: A Win-Win for Companies and Young Professionals

In Denmark, there is a unique professional concept known as piccoline. The job's primary focus is to help with different practical tasks whilst giving a young person a year to experience the professional work environment in an office. 

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Mobility leader Gautrain's fast express train is ready to depart from O.R.Tambo International Airport station to Johannesburg

February 14th 2024

Industry leaders share a vision for connected mobility

Speakers at Transport Forum’s conference shared an optimistic outlook for mobility in South Africa, dependent on industry collaboration.

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