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GoPass® Enhances Safety and Security on Public Transit

Date: March 14th 2024 | Author: Melanie Haynes

Recent data  from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) shows that crime rates on public transit have risen over the last few years in some areas of the US. The FTA has launched various funding programs to support crime prevention measures, including increased lighting, camera surveillance systems, security services, and equipment.

In 2021, GoPass®, powered by Kuba’s mobility platform, was the first of its kind to integrate ELERTS See Say® SDK (Software Development Kit) into the home screen of a mobility app. 

Deploying the GoPass® mobility app is another easy way transit agencies can bolster crime prevention. The app enables users to plan, book, and pay for multimodal mobility services and includes a real-time reporting tool for riders to use if they have safety concerns, want to report a crime or see damage to the station.

The ELERTS See Say® SDK integration is available to all agencies using Kuba’s mobility platform offering the GoPass® or an agency-branded mobility app. It is fast and easy to activate, offering a valuable tool to help increase safety and fight crime.

How does ELERTS work?

ELERTS allows GoPass® users to report real-time incidents such as crimes, damage to stations, and other safety and security concerns directly through the app. Previously, users needed to download separate apps to participate in the ELERTS crowd-sourced incident reporting system.

App users of GoPass® see a report button and inbox on their home screen, making reporting an issue quick, easy and discreet. It also ensures that riders feel safe whilst using public transit.

If they wish, they can add videos, audio, images, and GPS locations to the report, which then gets sent straight to the relevant service, such as transport police or customer service, who can enter into a real-time two-way dialogue with the user. Users can choose to share their personal information or remain anonymous.

In December 2023, DART received over 1,600 See Say reports, 50% of which were sent by GoPass® users. Issues reported included disruptive behaviour, assault, crime in progress, service issues, and vandalism.


Mobile platform made for sharing

Eight agencies now use Dallas Area Rapid Transit’s (DART’s) award-winning GoPass app. Initially developed for mobile ticketing, it has evolved into one of the most comprehensive Mobility-as-a-Service solutions in the United States.

Providing a single app for planning and paying for public transport and microtransit services enables transit agencies to offer seamless multimodal journeys from the first and last mile.

GoPass is powered by Kuba’s mobility platform and owned by DART. Any transit agency that wants to come on board can buy the app directly from DART. It can be deployed as ‘GoPass’ or agency-branded. With DART’s deep knowledge of the platform, its team provides excellent support for onboarding, delivering an efficient rollout in just a few weeks. It also offers ongoing help and support, ensuring agencies get the most out of the platform.

For more information, Kevin Corkery, Senior Director Of Business Development