Group of men sitting at high tables eating lunch in an office


Danish Work Lunch Culture: The Importance of Taking a Break from Your Desk

Date: March 26th 2024 | Author: Melanie Haynes

Danish work lunch culture is a fascinating topic that can shed light on its society’s values and traditions. 

Danish workplaces tend to have a flat hierarchy, so it is common for everyone in the company to come together to eat lunch and socialize. Like in many European countries, food is a central part of the culture, from authentic Danish pastries (weinerbrød) for an informal Friday communal breakfast to an open sandwich buffet at lunch.

Recent research by BUPA in the UK has found that a third of British workers usually eat lunch at their desks, and 43% don’t even take a break from work. It’s an unhealthy habit, which some studies suggest negatively impacts wellbeing, work-related performance and creativity.

It is the opposite in Denmark, where the workplace culture emphasizes employees taking a lunch break away from their desks. Even small companies like ours offer everyone a hot and cold lunch for a small financial contribution for tax purposes.

Group of men sitting at high tables eating lunch in an office

We consider a lunch break vital as it helps employees refocus, recharge, and be more productive. It also allows socializing, eating a nutritious meal, reducing stress, and preventing burnout. It is an essential part of maintaining a healthy and productive work environment.

Laurence Ashmore, Product Owner, says:

“The food served at the Kuba Denmark offices is delicious. Our external catering company provides us with a wide range of options daily, including two hot dishes, three salads, two breads and various toppings to put on bread, which is essential in Denmark. They keep the variety fresh by doing themed days, such as Indian, Korean, Chinese, Italian, American and Mexican, which makes it the least repetitive work lunch I’ve had. We also have a vegetarian day on Wednesday. The catered food is generally of very high quality.

“We also have a great canteen space where we can all sit and eat together while chatting. Lunch is not just about eating; it’s also an excellent social experience.”

Danish companies can ensure their employees are refuelled, refreshed, and ready to tackle the rest of the day with increased productivity and efficiency by providing a comfortable dining area and freshly delivered food.

How would you feel if your company offered a comfortable dining area and freshly delivered hot and cold food every day? Would it make you take a break?

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