Meet the team – Kevin Corkery

Date: July 4th 2024 | Author: Melanie Haynes

In this interview we get to meet Kevin Corkery, our Senior Director of Business Development, based in Iowa City, IA.

How long have you worked at Kuba?

Late July 2024 will mark my one-year anniversary.

What career path brought you here?

As a proud Transit nerd who has been in this industry since my early 20s, I wanted to remain a positive contributor in this technology space. There are many different facets to the world of public transit, and that is where I’ve been able to grow professionally and find a company like Kuba, which is at the top of that table. 

What attracted you to work at Kuba?

Kuba in the US was a relatively new name to the industry. Still, in a short period, they have quickly established themselves as a capable company, earning several deployments in the region. It felt like a great place to continue my growth and help expand their presence.

What does your day-to-day work look like?

As part of a small team in the US, I spend most of my time in my office evaluating opportunities or onsite with clients and prospects while engaging with the industry landscape. I am very grateful for the efforts I receive from my peers in Denmark, the UK, Europe, and South Africa, who provide support and expertise we can utilize for the US market. 

Kevin standing beside a table with a big Kuba logo on it

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

In business development, it always feels good to get a win on the scoreboard. During this first year, seeing some exciting contract awards with our contactless payment system, mobility app, and new account-based ticketing platform has been rewarding! It makes all the hard work and time spent by the entire company worth the sweat (and a few tears). 

What ‘superpowers’ do you have that help you to do your job?

“With Great Power comes Great Responsibility.” We all know this Spider-Man quote refers to client communication and building revenue-generating projects. 🙂 It’s an industry with losses as well as wins, so it’s important to pick ourselves up and continue moving forward. I also have some Batman skills with gadgets, as I need to keep my office door locked and barricaded from my kids. 

What is your Kuba career highlight so far?

Business development is all about growing our client map. The recent project award by the San Joaquin Regional Rail Commission (SJRRC) and Altamont Corridor Express (ACE) to deliver account-based ticketing (ABT), mobile ticketing and open-loop payments will elevate our brand.  This is our first win in the US, which utilizes our entire mobility platform. 

Also, visiting the Copenhagen office was a great experience, as I could spend time with the team in Denmark and build strong working relationships in another part of the world.

How important is teamwork at Kuba?

Teamwork is critical for any successful venture, but even more so when you’re 7,059 km away from most of your peers (yes, I did the mile/km conversion for you!). At Kuba, the effort to build, create, price and deliver a proposal often uses resources from four different countries. I truly give my deepest appreciation and thanks to everyone’s teamwork in accomplishing Kuba’s ambitions. 

What aspects of the culture of the Kuba team do you enjoy?

Everyone wants to achieve the same goal, and I welcome the transparency and cultural sync between the different intercontinental departments. Keeping communication at a collaborative level showcases the well-established culture built by Kuba and the wider ICM Mobility Group family.

Which of Kuba’s six pillars do you relate to most – and how do you apply it in your work?

Customer obsession. 

This is a credit to those before me, but as I met our existing US clients, finding a negative word about Kuba was hard. The expressions “best vendor we’ve worked with” or “we’d love to be a reference” are two phrases that have really sat with me. Given the variety of software platforms and unique integration desired in many projects, you might expect issues and tensions to arise. Still, our US clients tend to show great appreciation for our partnership and effort to make things run smoothly. 

Can you give three words that describe “Life at Kuba”?

Collaborative, supportive, delightful.

When you’re not at work, what do you enjoy most?

A couple with their three children in a dining room

I have three little Corks at home (ages 7, 5, and 2), so 90% of my free time is spent corralling them and caving into their unreasonable interests! 

My wife Ashley and the kids love to travel and spend time away from the couch, so we usually play sports, play with friends, or occasionally let Dad get to the brewery or golf course. (As I’m writing this, I currently have the Denmark vs England Euro match on TV, but I won’t tell you who I’m rooting for due to professional reasons.)

What is your favorite quote that represents your attitude to life?

“You’re either at the table or you’re on the menu.”