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Kuba’s Award-Winning MaaS Solution Supports Greenpeace’s Vision for Sustainable Mobility

Date: March 27th 2024 | Author: Melanie Haynes

This week Greenpeace released its Vision for Sustainable Mobility report

The report covers six main areas: Affordability, Accessibility, Safety, Climate-friendly transport systems, Connectivity, and Social Justice. 

Our award-winning MaaS solution can actively support these goals. At Kuba, we have supported sustainable mobility for over two decades by collaborating with some of the world’s leading transit agencies. Our mobility platform is the foundation for rider apps that provide seamless end-to-end journey experiences, from planning, booking, and paying for multimodal journeys to communicating with passengers. 

Affordability: Our mobility platform integrates a number of measures which support low to middle-income riders, helps to prevent discrimination and can improve access to essential public transit services.

For example, it offers Fare Capping, which means users have their monthly costs capped, so even if they purchase multiple daily passes, they will never pay more than the equivalent 31-day pass. Capping can also be configured per product or group of products with daily/weekly/monthly capping, or other time spans if needed. 

Accessibility: Before traveling, the journey planner within any app powered by our platform can show the entire trip, which forms of transport can be used, and the walking distance between them with average times. Transit agencies can use the carousel or rider alerts to give real-time and relevant information to riders with awareness of replacement services, where there are delays, if elevators are out of order or if a stop is not in service. A rider can then easily replan their journey on the go within the app with minimal stress. 

Depending on the agency, paratransit can be integrated. There is also the opportunity to integrate microtransit on-demand services into the app, which offers access to public transport outside fixed routes and times.

Safety: The platform can be fully integrated into See something, Say something services, such as Elerts. This integration allows the rider to report real-time incidents directly through the app, such as crimes, station damage, and other safety and security concerns.

Climate-friendly transport systems: Public transit can play a significant role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality.  By making the choice of public transit easier we can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, alleviate traffic congestion, promote sustainable land use, save energy, and improve air quality. These benefits help the planet and create healthier, more liveable communities for everyone.

Connectivity: Kuba’s Travel Tools provides a modern, intuitive, and goal-oriented set of features for transit riders to plan their travel, obtain future and real-time travel information, and find an appropriate journey with matching tickets and fare options. It can also support multimodal travel and payment across public transit, paratransit,  microtransit, on-demand, TNCs, bikes, scooters, and carpooling.

Social Justice: We want to make our app solution available to as many of our customer’s riders as possible. To support this, we offer functionality that makes it easy to adopt new languages. Our solution supports multiple languages and detects the device’s language automatically. Our platform currently operates in ten languages.

Kuba’s mobility platform integrates measures that support low- to middle-income riders, help prevent discrimination, and improve access to essential public transit services.

For the unbanked, it supports the option to add cash to the user’s transit account via an agency’s service centers or a cash-to-mobile provider.Once the user has handed over the cash and the store processes it, the credit is immediately ready.

The app also supports stored value accounts, meaning that money can be added to mobile from a credit card or other payment method, including cash. This helps riders budget their monthly expenses and ensure they always have money for their transit tickets.

Want to know more?

Our platform combines decades of experience with mobility solutions into a one-stop shop ideal for public transit agencies and cities of any size. It provides an engine for any number of white label apps for mobile ticketing and Mobility-as-a-Service. Any transit agency large or small can get up and running rapidly with no need for huge implementation projects and without any large upfront investments.


Contact us today for a free live demo of our mobile mobility platform to see how it can work for you. We’d love to hear from you – contact Kevin Corkery


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